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Siemens Healthcare

Siemens Healthcare brand had been positioned as delivering increased efficiencies through technological innovation. Research show that whilst this was motivating to purchasers it was undifferentiated versus its competitors.

Customer research identified a new insight; As health systems struggle to cope with an ageing population, healthcare is becoming more efficient but increasingly impersonal and patients are demanding more personal care. The difficulty being that nearly all healthcare technologies merely promise increased efficiencies.

A new differentiating positioning was developed for Siemens Healthcare; With the most comprehensive and integrated healthcare technology portf​olio, Siemens Healthcare enables you to provide more personal care to more patients—we’re Humanising Healthcare.

As a result brand advertising delivered a distinctive new feel for the Siemens Healthcare brand. Photography looked to ‘capture an unexpected view of a familiar moment with authentic human content’, with the copy working to convey a human benefit tied to a commercial one.